Track your order

If you ordered multiple items it’s possible that you receive them on different days as we ship them separately.

Once your order has been shipped (after our order processing time) you will receive a tracking code. Please check your spam folder as well. If you haven’t received your tracking code after 5 business days please contact and ask for tracking request. For questions about shipping and delivery please go to Shipping & Delivery.

*Please note that tracking isn’t really included in small orders and only an extra service to our customers.

  • If your package can’t be found please try again within a few days.
  • Please note that sometimes postal services won’t update status every day as this is not possible for small packages
  • Tracking services & deliveries can be very different from country to country. Some countries you will receive a message that the package is in the nearest postal office.
  • If you haven’t received your cufflinks after 45 business days please contact us and we will contact the shipping company.

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